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Business As Usual
Welcome to the BAU Digest
By Noah • Issue #1 • View online
My name is Noah. I’m 21 and this is my personal digest for Business As Usual, where I’ll share frequent links/thoughts/two cents alongside longer-form content I write on Substack.
About a year ago, I was writing a newsletter that broke down the holdings of Robinhood users. If not for that newsletter, I would probably be working in the music or gaming industry. However, thankfully, that short-lived newsletter afforded me the opportunity to write about things I find interesting/relevant/worthwhile.
From Robintrack, I pivoted to writing about momentum stocks as one of the first partnered creators on Public, a social broker-dealer. I launched and wrote the Bullish Rippers. Alongside that, I ended up doing a large variety of editorial work for Bullish and other fintech brands such as Front Finance and Alpaca Markets.
Nowadays, I’m penning Stocktwits’ daily flagship newsletter, The Daily Rip. I also tend to copywriting for the product and working on some new editorial initiatives.
However, there’s more to life than breaking news. After all, there are so many interesting stories. That’s why I started Business As Usual. I took the idea of the newsletter extremely seriously at first — wanting to cover technical topics like index fund allocation and how Robinhood users did in 2020.
In the end though, I realized what made my work at past jobs so interesting was the marriage of facts and perspective. That’s why I’ve decided to relaunch Business As Usual as a personal newsletter, which will more-or-less exist to cover many of the same topics I’d be crazy enough to cover anyways.
It’ll serve as my anecdotal, albeit data-centric, incursion into what people (including myself) deem valuable. It’ll also act as a time capsule to unlocking an understanding of that value.
I’ll see you soon.


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By Noah

Business As Usual is an anecdotal, albeit data-centric, incursion into what people deem valuable.

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